Thank you for patience in these most difficult times.

Last Thursday the guidance sent out by the FA via the County office was that all Leagues should where possible follow the FA guidelines to bring our competition to an immediate end with all results expunged. This was also supported by the Management Committee.

However, today, the FA sent out a further email via the Kent FA to suggest that some League’s had opted for the other option to decide League positions by a points per game calculation.

It is now being suggested by County that we may wish to hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) to get the clubs feedback and put the options to a vote.

In order for me to discuss this with the Management Committee and to get some feedback from the Kent FA, no final decision will now be made by the League. We will consider all options and will advise you in the next few days and no later than 5pm Friday of what we will be offering to the conclusion of the season.

This will also include Cup Finals as well.

Today was meant to be the day that we put applications on the website for next season (2020-21) but I will hold this back until the weekend so that we can finalise this season first.

Any applications that are submitted after next weekend will not need any payment at this stage as would normally be the case.

The League will work with clubs to ensure that no fees are payable until players are back training, and we will focus on this when the time is right.

These are unchartered waters for us all, so please bear with us.