Ken Brooke
Chief Executive


Welcome to season 2020-2021 for what promises to be a season of many challenges for sure. I would like to start by thanking all of our clubs for their continued hard work since we got the go ahead towards the end of July that both training and competitive football could recommence for the young players in this League.

Every club has worked on hard on following the COVID 19 guidance from the FA and County Football Associations. It is imperative that we all follow those guidelines if we want to get a season played and not have to revert back to “null and void” as we did last season.

No dressing rooms will be used until further notice. No post – match refreshments will be provided until further notice. Players will need to turn up ready to play, and will not have access to changing after games until further notice.

ALL grounds must have one side of the pitch ropes off if not a senior ground – it will need to be the full length so that parents and spectators can be socially distanced in accordance with Government  guidelines. The League will take strong action for any team not following the current guidelines. But most importantly we should get football played again!

Each age group from U13 – U16 has 4 divisions and less matches. If we get all of the games played without interruption we will ensure teams are offered extra games. We have to anticipate that there may be “local” lockdowns which may prevent teams from playing. We will be flexible and fluid where we need to be.

20 divisions – 193 teams – around 3,500 players registered – it is a massive responsibility for me and my team to ensure that we all stay safe in this whole new world.

I hope that I have the support of the majority. The virus is real – and it is up to every individual to behave responsibly to ensure that we get the season played.

My thanks to all of my Committee for their outstanding hard work which has been continuous across the summer.

We commence the season on 13th September and I look forward to seeing some of you across the season – albeit at a distance

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