Pre-Match and Match Day Process Reminder

  • Full Match Confirmation emailed to opposition, referee and by midnight Monday;
  • By 7pm on match days the home team is responsible for submitting scores on Full-time;
  • By midnight Tuesdays, enter player stats, goal scorers and referee marks on Full-time.  Despite anything you have heard to the contrary, the Kent Youth League follow up with referees low scores and feedback for referee’s development;
  • Fixtures may be cast up until 9.30pm on Wednesdays, do not assume you do not have a fixture.  If there is no fixture on Thursday morning, you have the Sunday off;
  • Email a copy of your team sheet to opposition and match official prior to the match.  If you have not received this, ask for it, you cannot challenge the eligibility of players after the event, this is the Clubs and managers responsibility.

To clarify the transfer process, please adhere to the following:

  • Day 1 – Written notice by email of 7-day approach intention must be provided from the initiating teams Club Secretary to the served Clubs Secretary, copy in League Registration Secretary;
  • Day 1 – Once written notice has been sent through correct channels, initiate the online process by adding the player onto the Whole Game System which also starts the online 7-day notice;
  • Served teams may then waiver the 7-day notice online if everything is in order and reply to the written form of communication.  Or they can choose to allow the 7 days to pass and the transfer will be approved once the 7th day arrives;

Any deviation from the above process will result in delays to your transfers.  New records created for existing KYL players will be rejected, ensure you have checked with the player/parents if they have previously signed with an existing KYL Club this Season, it is the Clubs responsibility to ensure some due diligence has been performed.

De-registrations Process
The League rule around de-registrations has not been enforced due to the very low numbers we saw in past Seasons.  However as with transfers the number of requests for de-registrations has significantly increased provoking some thought around this rule.  

To ensure players are not being disadvantaged with immediate effect the £10 de-registration fee will be applicable to discourage certain player registration behaviour.

For any examples where the player may have left of their own accord and not even started the Season for your Club, applying the fee for the de-registration will be at the discretion of the League Registration Secretary.

We will be reviewing this rule for the 2021-2022 Season.

Rule 18 (D): 
A fee as set out in the Fees Tariff shall be paid by each Club/Team for each Player registered, if applicable. 
(i) Each team will be allowed to register up to a maximum of 25 Players per season at Under 13 – Under 18 Age groups inclusive. Under 18 age group may be permitted with the permission of the Registration Secretary to sign more than 25 Players. 
(ii) Each team must have 11 Players registered with the League for the start of the season and 2 Managers/Coaches/Adults. Failure to comply will be dealt with by the Management Committee and teams may not be permitted to commence their fixtures. 
(iii) Teams will be able to de-register Players with the Registration Secretary. Each de-registration will incur a cost of £10.00.