Ken Brooke – Chief Executive


Welcome to our 38th season, and our new look website the creation of Paul and his team at The Art of Design.
We look forward to using our new website moving forward.

Please use the website to find out many things about the League, including our advertisers and sponsors.
There are many new features on the website so please enjoy.

This season 2018 – 19 we will have 19 Divisions, with 199 teams and the likelihood of around 3,500 players registered with the League. It promises to be another competitive season, and we are delighted to welcome Croydon FC, Erith Town FC, Red Devils United, Stansfeld FC, Thamesmead Town FC and Whitstable Town FC into the League for the coming season.

Our thanks to all of our sponsors whose support is appreciated by the League and whose details can be found in the book. 

A lot of hard work is put in by Terry Cooper and Colin Boswell who pride themselves in maintaining Advertisers to the League and keeping those who continue to support us year on year. Please try to support our advertisers when you can.

The League continues to grow from strength to strength. You will see the success that the League teams had in the County Cups across Kent and London to realise how strong and competitive the League is. We have many players who have moved up to the next stage and been offered academy places with League clubs – there are many clubs represented every Sunday at matches. 

We have continued to have representation on the Kent FA. This is proving extremely positive in giving us a chance to share our ideas with our Leagues and also to develop partnerships. Meeting with Council members is also good to get feedback about how the League is performing and we will continue to develop across the new season.

I want to thank all of our Committee members who give up their time to ensure you have one of the best administered Leagues around. We are very lucky to have a group of people who want to contribute and make a difference – and ably assisted by Diane here at the office – who has established excellent working relationships with many clubs. 

My personal thanks to our match officials. My thanks to Chris Myatt our Referee Secretary and his team for overseeing the Referee Management across the season. The commitment from our Officials on a Sunday sets this League apart, and many of you cover a lot of mileage to ensure that our teams have a qualified official. We do not take this for granted and thank you. 

If you have any ideas for the website please contact Charlotte Richardson our Social Media Officer – we want to interact with our players, parents and friends of the League as well as provide necessary information to Managers and Club Secretaries.

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter #kentyouthleague – and join in the fun on Sundays when we receive live reports from matches.

My role quite simply is to use all of the above to provide a product that the players in this League can go out on a Sunday and showcase their talents – on the best pitches around, and to provide us all with quality and competitive football. I always say go out and see for yourself. There is some great talent out there – and for the vast majority who do things the right way – thank you – and we will work to ensure that football is fun whilst competitive and that Sundays are enjoyable whilst trying to get those precious 3 points! 

We have appointed Bill Kelly as our new League Chairman and Richard Crutchfield as his Vice Chairman. This was required due to the sad death of our Chairman and Treasurer Iain Allan this year. 

We have seen an increase in unacceptable behaviour in our League during last season. This League will not stand for this. We will be meeting with all Club Managers ahead of the season to lay down what we expect from all teams that play in this League and those that do not buy into ethos will be shipped out to pasture news……not something I hope we will have to do. This is an excellent League with huge numbers of good people consistently supporting what we do.
It is time for the large silent majority to be heard.

Good luck to all teams across the season. You may not win every game every week, but with the support of your coaches and Managers you will all be better players at the end of the season. We need to make sure that you all enjoy your football on a Sunday and I will be trying to ensure that happens.

Ken Brooke,
Chief Executive