I feel that it is important to remind all who contribute to our twitter that any reference to Referee performances which are in any way derogatory are being monitored by the County Football Associations and those individuals posting these comments may find themselves facing a charge from County which is easily avoidable. 

If you have any issues about the performance of a Referee then these should be directed to the League’s Referee Secretary – Chris Myatt or to myself as Chief Executive. 

We will follow up on any reports we receive but I cannot continue to accept criticism of match officials as with everything that goes on in the League there are always two sides to every story. 

Our twitter account is still in the main almost 100% good positive stories about all the good things that happen on a Sunday and across the week. Please can that continue as we have some superb contributions week in week out and I really enjoy the interaction. 

I could fill twitter most weeks with those teams / clubs who perhaps don’t do things how we as a League would want – but it is far better to address privately with those who may need advice rather than in the public domain. 

Thank you all for your continued support.