Life President

Colin I Boswell, Esq


Mrs Sheila Boswell

Life Vice Presidents

Alan Barty, Esq

Mrs Brenda Cocup

Life Members

Bill Kelly Esq

Mrs Marilyn Kelly

Chairman & Disciplinary Officer

Richard Crutchfield, Esq
Email: richard.crutchfield@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Chief Executive

Ken Brooke, Esq
Email: ken.brooke@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Registration and Whole Game System Officer Charter Standard & League Welfare Officer

Ms Catja Morris
Email: catja.morris@kentyouthleague.co.uk


Mr Colin Boswell
Email: kcfadiv2colin@aol.com

Assistant Referee Secretaries

Andy Brown
Email: andy.brown@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Matt Sell
Email: matt.sell@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Senior Fixture Secretary and U18 Fixture Secretary

Steve Rowedder
Email: steve.rowedder@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Fixture Secretary U16

Pat Murphy
Email: patmurphuk@yahoo.co.uk

Fixture Secretary U15

Louis Covington
Email: louis.covington@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Fixture Secretary U14

Steve Sydell
Email: steve.sydell@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Fixture Secretary U13

Jon Barrett
Email: jon.barrett@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Advertising and Commercial

Charlotte Richardson
Email: charlotte.richardson@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Website & Social Media

Charlotte Richardson
Email: charlotte.richardson@kentyouthleague.co.uk

Sam Bunn
Email: sam.bunn@kentyouthleague.co.uk

KYL Committee Members:

Iain Southgate


Terry Cooper


Jim Reed